How to use Search Option?

From Your Dashboard, You can click on the “Search” Icon. You will be redirected to the Search page.

– You can use our predefined filters to narrow down your search. It includes profiles with photos, Profiles with Videos, Trusted Members, & Premium Members.
– You can also use our advanced search options to search from a particular Age, Ethnicity, Nationality, & Language.

All these features will enable you to find a good partner according to your interests.

How to Upgrade Your Membership?

From Your Dashboard, You can click on the “Upgrade” Icon.
You will be redirected to the Upgrade Membership page. We have 2 options for membership,
– First is for one month = $20
– The second is 3 months = $45, (Save $15)

There are two options to pay for your subscription.
One is PayPal, Other is Debit/Credit Card payments.
These payments are processed via Verotel and are secured.

What Will you get after Upgrading your membership?

By upgrading your membership you’ll unlock these features:

– View All Profiles
– Ability to request Access to Private Albums
– Unrestricted Messaging to Anyone.
– Featured Profile for 1 Month.

How to increase Profile Percentage?

How to increase your profile Visibility? 

The profile percentage is determined by how filled in your profile is. Once you have filled in your profile to a high percentage, you will appear in searches and will be able to search and view other profiles.

In order to increase your percentage you can;
Blue Box
-Answer all the questions in the “Basic” information sections. Have a minimum of 20 words in each section of your profile.
Red Box
-Upload a photo of yourself. (Maximum photos – 8)
-Upload a video of yourself.
-Verify your identity by sending a photo of yourself showing your ID.

How To Cancel Recurring Payments

Asalaamu Alaykum & Hello,

There are 2 ways to stop any further payments coming out of your or account.

  1. From within the login area of or
  2. From within your own PayPal account.

STEP 1: Log into either or and click on the “More” button in the top right-hand corner.

STEP 2: Now on the left hand menu, click the “Membership” link.

STEP 3: As indicated in the diagram below, click the “Cancel” button.

STEP 4: Log into your own PayPal account.

STEP 5: You will arrive on to the page shown below. Now click on the “Cancel” link within PayPal.

STEP 6: A double confirmation popup will appear. Click on the yellow/orange “Cancel Plan” button to proceed.

STEP 7: Voila, PayPal will display the following Cancelled Subscription confirmation page.

FINAL STEP: Log back into either or and check your subscription status. It should now clearly show as “CANCELLED”. If it is not doing so, Get in touch with us.